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nathan d. MANDEL

Areas of Expertise:

Nathan D. Mandel
Co-Director of the Restaurant & Hospitality Division
Adelphi University B.B.A. in Accounting 1971
Certified Public Accountant in New York, 1974

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Nathan D. Mandel is the Co-Director of the Restaurant & Hospitality Division of Richards, Witt & Charles. He has over 35 years of extensive experience in all aspects of the restaurant & hospitality industry. He is considered to be a leading authority in the financial and tax aspects of the industry servicing and consulting with numerous restaurants throughout the metropolitan area.

Mr. Mandel is continuously developing new and innovative concepts for the firm to assist clients in the restaurant and hospitality industries manage and oversee their business. He is dedicated to maintaining Richards Witt and Charles as the premier accounting firm for the restaurant and hospitality industry.


I have been in business for 8 years now, but almost had to close my business after one year. My personal accountant did not understand all of the different items that go into building a successful restaurant, and he advised me to call Richards, Witt & Charles. Seven years later, I am going strong and have even opened a second location thanks to them.

~Tim R.