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paul l. CHARLES

"It has always been my belief that our work and business advice must be no less than excellent. There is no substitute for intelligence, hard work, and providing unparalleled client service to assure outstanding performance and results."

Areas of Expertise:

Paul L. Charles
Binghamton University, B.A. in Accounting, 1981
Certified Public Accountant in New York, 1983

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Paul L. Charles is the managing partner at Richards, Witt & Charles, where he is active in consulting and accounting for automobile dealerships, systems setup and utilization, tax compliance and tax planning.

Mr. Charles started his career at Richards, Witt & Charles in 1982 and became partner in January of 1988. He has led the firm from its roots as a small local firm to its current prominence as a major regional firm.

Some of Mr. Charles contributions to the firm have been continuous staff development in order to provide the best possible service to clients, creation and implementation of office systems that make the firm more efficient, and strong leadership in managing the firm.


Richards, Witt & Charles saved my dealership from losing lots of money. I watched my competitors drop like flies while I prospered and I owe it all to my CPA’s.

~Arthur S.