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Automotive dealerships have a unique and distinct set of accounting needs and this has never been more evident than now. Richards, Witt & Charles is a leading authority in accounting and tax issues relating to the automotive dealership industry and we will help you protect your assets, find innovative tax savings strategies and identify opportunities for growth.

Richards, Witt & Charles understands the automotive dealership business better than any other firm. Did you know that our automotive dealership team has over 31 years experience working with dealerships like yours? In addition, many of our team members have first hand experience because they worked at dealerships, so we know the challenges you are facing on a daily basis and how to solve them.

Whether you are a new vehicle, used vehicle, heavy duty truck, motorcycle, or recreational vehicle dealer, Richards, Witt & Charles' depth of knowledge in tax planning and financial management coupled with our experience working in the dealership industry enables us to provide our automotive clients with the knowledge and service they need in these times to succeed.

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One of the smartest business decisions I made was to change accounting firms and start using Richards, Witt & Charles'. They really understood what we needed and their relationships with ADP and banks made a huge difference for my dealership.

~James G.