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divorce PLANNING

Not all marriages last and we understand that this can be a difficult time. But just because the relationship is ending does not mean your financial relationship ends as well. Richards, Witt & Charles guides our clients through the financial aspects of ending a marriage.

If you have a family together you will need to provide for the interests of your children and all parties. Richards, Witt & Charles will help you make the most of your cash flow, while considering the financial and tax consequences. We will guide you through the child support determination, spousal maintenance analysis, and post divorce financial planning.

In addition to your family, you may have built equity together and jointly own a house or other property. Richards, Witt & Charles will help you identify, classify and determine the value of assets and liabilities to help divide your property. We also provide litigation support.

Lastly, Richards, Witt & Charles will help you resolve all of the complicated tax issues that occur during a separation or divorce. Our certified public accountants understand all of the various tax options available to you and can help you with your tax planning, and income tax return preparation.

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Richards, Witt & Charles saved my dealership from losing lots of money. I watched my competitors drop like flies while I prospered and I owe it all to my CPA’s.

~Arthur S.