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An IRS audit is one of the most intimidating experiences you may face as an individual or as a business owner and they are on the rise. Also, it is very likely that the examination of one tax return will lead to other tax years being audited by the IRS.

Do not be intimidated and always keep in mind that you do have rights as a taxpayer. Richards, Witt & Charles specializes in assisting business owners and individuals with their IRS audit defenses. We have helped hundreds of clients prove to the IRS that the expenses claimed were reasonable. In addition, we will also go the extra mile and review other areas of your tax return to help determine if additional write-offs are available which may offset any additional taxes owed as a result of the IRS audit.

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Receiving an IRS audit in the mail is one of the worst things you can find in your mailbox. I thought I did everything right, but the IRS found fault with filing. Richards, Witt & Charles looked over my case and not only successfully defended my filings, but they even found a few errors in my favor on my tax return.

~Sarah B.