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Every business wants to reduce taxes, but to do it correctly isn’t always simple. Tax strategies that often look good by themselves can be less sensible, even problematic, in the context of your whole business.

Richards, Witt & Charles’ experienced taxation advisors are experts at guiding business owners and executives through today’s complex tax environment. We focus on your total business picture not just your next return. We will help you define the right tax position, designed to save you money, while meeting your larger business goals. And since Richards, Witt & Charles has over 30 years of experience, we see opportunities that other tax specialist might miss.

Another point that separates us from other tax specialists is that we work for you the entire year, not just tax season. The federal, state and local tax laws are constantly changing and it’s our business to always monitor these changes and accurately interpret the law for our clients.

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Richards, Witt & Charles saved my dealership from losing lots of money. I watched my competitors drop like flies while I prospered and I owe it all to my CPA’s.

~Arthur S.
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