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Each small business is unique and so are your accounting and business consulting needs. Many accounting firms do not understand this simple fact, and treat every small business as if they are the same.

When you are thinking about your accounting firm, ask yourself these five questions:

  • Have I had to pay tax penalties in the past?
  • Does my accounting firm only call me at year-end or after I call them?
  • Does my accounting firm have less than 3 people working there?
  • Has my business grown since using my current accounting firm?
  • Do I fully trust my accounting firm?

If Richards, Witt & Charles was your accounting firm, you wouldn’t have to even think about the answers to these questions. We have been developing customized solutions for small businesses so they can avoid paying excessive taxes, save money, and increase the size of their business.

How We Can Help:

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Richards, Witt & Charles saved my dealership from losing lots of money. I watched my competitors drop like flies while I prospered and I owe it all to my CPA’s.

~Arthur S.