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warranty parts REIMBURSEMENT


Many State Franchise Laws have been amended to require manufacturers to reimburse dealers at their retail mark-up rate for parts used in warranty repairs.

You can substantially increase your revenue from warranty work by applying to your manufacturer for an increase in the reimbursement rate for parts. If you have not yet completed this submission to the factory, your reimbursement rate for installed warranty parts may be at a mark-up of only 40-60%. Allowing us to prepare this application could raise your reimbursement mark-up rate to 75-90%, substantially increasing your bottom line profit!

Once approved the new higher rate remains in effect until such time that you re-apply for another increase. You can re‐submit up to two times in a calendar year.

For a flat fee, we will select the best sample of the required repair orders, prepare the summary spreadsheet, collate all repairs orders and mail them directly to the manufacturer. Our extensive automotive accounting experience will enable us to optimize the sample selection to provide the highest possible reimbursement rate. We will also respond to any manufacturer inquiries.

Why pay a law firm to do an accounting job? The automotive specialists at Richards, Witt & Charles, CPA's have been extremely successful in obtaining higher reimbursement rates for numerous dealerships in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Let us help you increase your bottom line.

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